An Author Update

Hi everyone!

I thought it was time I posted here, just to show that I am still about! I have been keeping busy in the writing world, having recently finished my next adult horse novel. You can read about it over at the Horse Country Book website.

As you may be aware, I am also working on the sixth book in the Free Rein series, titled Contagious. It is coming along steadily.

Aside from writing, I have been keeping busy at home with my two gorgeous children – my daughter turns 2 this month and my son has just hit 4 months of age. It sure keeps things busy at home!

Australia is nearing the end of winter and here in the North East of Victoria, we tend to get spring a little earlier. We’ve had some beautiful winter days this week! It’s a great chance to get outside in the garden and go for walks to the park with my kids.

I hope you’re all well and in case you didn’t know, you can follow me as an author on Amazon. If you do this, you’ll be notified by Amazon when I have new books available for sale. This can be a great way to stay up to date on all my writings! 🙂

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