Author Interview and New Book Excerpt

Hi everyone! Linda Ballou of The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon has kindly interviewed me on her blog! Why not take a look?

Here you’ll find 10 interview questions answered, including a sneak peak into a new novel that I’m writing!

It was a nice place where Ben worked. Good physical work, great views and accommodating bosses. He definitely couldn’t complain. And to be honest, if he could, it tended to be toward the end of the season when he’d had enough of clients, but that didn’t matter – he was moving on in a short while by that stage.
The business – Happy Trails – focused on providing just that; trail rides that customers could truly enjoy and have a good time on. It was seasonal work, running through the spring and summer months with a break in February due to the heat, then back on for the autumn months and slowing down over winter.
Generally this meant one of two things for Ben – he did maintenance odds and ends in the early mornings and late evenings of February and then went back to taking clients out over autumn, or he headed off for a break and a scene change at another job an hour down the road until spring came around again.

Read on at Linda Ballou Talking to You.

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