Equine Excerpt: A Dollar Goes a Long Way

Hello!  I’m taking part in sharing an excerpt from my latest horse novel and providing links to other equine authors.  Read on for an excerpt from A Dollar Goes a Long Way 🙂

Jacqui raced in the door that afternoon, eager to make sure she was changed and ready when Geordie’s parents turned up. Jacqui called out a hello to her mother through the back door of the house. She could see her working in the veggie garden.
Once changed out of her school uniform, she decided to head out and say goodbye to Jaq. The idea of not seeing and riding him for a couple of days wasn’t appealing and she suddenly realised why Geordie hadn’t wanted to go to Jan’s place last time.
“But I’ll be back before you know it and I’ll have learnt so much more about horses and caring for them,” Jacqui said to the grey gelding as she scratched at the base of his neck where he liked it.
Jacqui smiled with delight as he curled back his top lip and turned toward her, trying to return the favour.
“I don’t need you to scratch me!” Jacqui laughed, pushing his head away firmly.
With a snort Jaq went back to grazing.
“Who are you?” a voice called out from across the back yard.
Jacqui frowned, not realising they had visitors. She looked up at the young dark haired boy in surprise.
“Who are you?” she asked him, stepping away from her pony and coming to the fence where he stood.
“I asked first,” he challenged, causing her frown to deepen.
“I’m Jacqui King. I live here,” she replied simply.
“Oh,” the boy responded, turning away quickly.
Jacqui watched him go over to the veggie garden her mum was working in. How rude to ask who she was but not say who he was!
She considered climbing through the fence to find out when she heard a car coming down the driveway.
“They’re here!” she said excitedly to herself.
Jacqui raced back into the house to grab her bag and packed clothes. Kate met her inside, double checking that her daughter had everything before seeing her off with a hug and a smile.
“Have fun, honey! Though I’ve no doubt you will. I can’t wait to hear all about it when I come to pick you girls up.”
“Thanks, mum! See you on Sunday.”
Jacqui hugged her mother again before racing out the front door and into the car. Geordie and Hannah were already seated in the back. Geordie moved into the middle so that Jacqui could get in beside her.
The girls started their excited chatter before the car took off. Jacqui forgot all about the brown haired boy.

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