Free Rein Book 6 Excerpt

So I started a Latest Book Excerpt: Blog Hop over at Horse Country and have recently started working on book 6 in the Free Rein series! So, I felt this might be a perfect opportunity to share a little bit of what I’ve already written :).

“Now onto business! You may have noticed that I don’t have Banjo here to ride today,” Kara said, earning a few nods from the girls.

Banjo was her gelding that she often brought along to the riding club for her lessons. It was either him or her new mare, Prairie.

“Banjo isn’t well and I thought today would be a perfect opportunity for us to discuss the vital signs of horses and how we can use them to give us an idea about our horses’ health. So! Who knows what the five main vital signs are?”

Kate took in the droopy ears of Captain and a runny nose. The fluid wasn’t clear as it should be, but instead had a whitish green colouring to it.

Being cautious, she grabbed a thermometre to check his temperature. Standing facing his tail, she lifted Captain’s tail a little and placed the thermometre in his rectum after putting some lubricating jelly on it. She was sure to place the thermometre against the side of his rectal wall, rather than straight into the bottom of the horse. If she did this, the thermometre might be placed in a piece of manure and the temperature reading wouldn’t give her the best indication of Captain’s body temperature.

With it placed on the side in his rear end, she let it sit for a minute until it beeped. Because it was a digital thermometre, the temperature appeared in numbers on a little screen. Kate frowned as she took in the figure of 38.8 degrees Celcius.

Captain had a temperature. A horse’s normal temperature range lay at 37.5 degrees, plus or minus a degree. Because Captain’s temperature was over 38.5 degrees, Kate knew that something was wrong in his system. This as well as his droopy looking ears and runny nose told her that he had something that made him feel unwell – and something that could affect the other horses on the property…

Well!  That’s just a little snippet of the next book in the Free Rein series.  Stay tuned for updates, a cover release and book release date!

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