Free Rein Series – A Television Show

New Beginnings, book 1 in the Free Rein Series
New Beginnings, book 1 in the Free Rein Series

So! It seems that the free rein series is getting a lot of search results at the moment. I would love for that to be because my book series has been discovered by a lot of new readers, but it seems there is a new television show with the same name!

The show Free Rein is set in the United Kingdom but focuses on an American teen on holidays with her mother, sister and grandfather. And of course horses feature in it! It’s interesting to see a new series out for mid-teens. I wonder if the popularity of the show will result in more readers in the same age demographic of horse books. I’ll be excited to see the results for horse book authors!

In the meantime, as people do a search on the free rein series, it seems they’re being introduced to a horse book series aimed at 8 – 12 year olds that is based in Australia. So for those of you who have searched for the television series and stumbled across this site, welcome! I hope you’ll consider giving my books a look or if you have younger siblings, that you might suggest it to them!

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