I Want a Pony

I Want a Pony by Jeanne Betancourt

Young May is stuck being babysat by her grandmother while her dad is away. While out exploring the area, May meets two girls and their ponies.

May is a horse lover and desperately wants a pony of her own. When she discovers a pony nearby that needs help, May eventually saves the pony from immediate danger, but it needs ongoing care. The owner of the pony needs convincing that May can do the job.

I Want a Pony is a great start to the Pony Pals series by Jeanne Betancourt.

Suitability – the story is child friendly and doesn’t cover any themes I wouldn’t want my daughter to come across.

Age – I Want a Pony is well suited to pre-teens with simple to follow language and the focus being young girls who are pony obsessed.

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