Little Black, a Pony

Little Black, a Pony by Walter Farley

Little Black, a Pony is a great short story picture book by Walter Farley.  Although I’ve read all the Black Stallion books I can get my hands on, I hadn’t yet touched this younger reader’s book until I read it to my daughter.

Little Black is a black pony owned by a young boy.  The two are best of friends, but one day the young boy decides he’d like to ride another horse – Big Red.  It seems the larger horse can do so much more than Little Black.  Consequently, the little pony gets neglected by his owner.

It isn’t until an accident whilst out riding that the young boy realises Big Red can’t do everything and that he should appreciate what he has with Little Black.  A great moral to the story and some lovely pictures.

Suitability – suitable for any age child, with a favourable outcome.

Age – probably suited to the age of 4-6 years.

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