Paddocks for Horses

Another term that comes up often in the Free Rein series novels is paddock. The horses are kept in paddocks of varying sizes. A paddock is an enclosed area larger than a yard that contains grass and water for horses.

A Paddock, Field or Pasture
A Paddock, Field or Pasture

It may also contain a shelter and trees and be used by some agistees to ride in if riding facilities or other areas aren’t available. A paddock may otherwise be known as a pasture or a field.

Genesis, the King’s property is broken up into paddocks named after their location – the freeway paddock, house paddock, back paddock and arena paddock. There is also a quarantine paddock for new or sick stock.

Paddocks are often referred to in size and it is typical to house a horse on 1 – 3 acres in size. An acre is 4000 metres squared. Genesis is around 100 acres in size and so made of a few large paddocks that can house many horses.

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