Ride with me by Jane Tanner

I had my first child late in 2014 and I am eagerly awaiting the time I can read horse stories to her!  She is now at an age where she is taking interest in pictures and I am introducing picture books to her.  I thought it’d be a lovely addition to this site, to review children’s books, so this is the first of many.

If you have interest in horse books in general, I encourage you to take a look at my Horse Book Reviews at Equus-Blog.com, where I review every horse book I’ve read.

Ride with me by Jane Tanner

Ride with me is a gorgeously illustrated short tale of a young girl and her mother’s horse, Nautilus. Around thirty pages in length, it is made up of a few words on every other page and gorgeous drawings of a grey stallion.

The book is both written and illustrated by Jane and the pictures are just gorgeous.

Suitability – this book I consider suitable for children, it touches on the topic of grief over the loss of a parent, but is children friendly.

Age – There are minimal words and a lot of pictures, so it would suit a younger reader.

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