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Equine author Natalie Keller Reinert has kindly allowed me to follow on from her in taking part in The Writing Process Blog Hop in which authors answer four questions.  You can take a look at her post here.

1. What am I working on?

Currently I’m working on the third book in the Free Rein series – I’m halfway through writing this novel and have set myself a goal to have it finished by the end of June, 2014.

As has been done with the first two books in the series, my husband and I will be designing the book cover for this third novel, with a photo by Cait O’Pray.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

The Free Rein series is aimed at 8 – 12 year old horse enthusiasts, with a strong focus on learning about horses in the novels.  Aside from this, it focuses on Christian values.  I believe the educational side to it is what makes it stand out from other horse books for younger readers.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I love to write and I love to teach.  Writing novels that provide information in them that is educational as well as inspirational is my goal.  I love horses and I love my God, so this is the impetus behind writing the Free Rein series.  I also love the idea of reaching younger readers and teaching them that horses are an incredible animal to love and look after, and they can be an incredible future career prospect, too.

This series and my debut novel Horse Country – A World of Horses are largely developed from the horse career I have had so far and experiences I have encountered whilst working with horses and travelling around the world.

4. How does my writing process work?

Horse Country came about as events occurred when I was working in the thoroughbred breeding industry.  At times someone would make a quick comment which would create a scene in my head and off I’d be writing when I wasn’t working (playing horses)!

For this current series, the first book wrote itself very quickly once the idea formed.  I’d been pondering the prospect of a horsey Christian series for a few months and the characters suddenly hit me and I was off.  The second book didn’t come as quickly, but wrote itself pretty well.

This third book in the series is coming along as I take the time to sit down and write.  Currently I have a goal of writing 7 pages a week (or a page a day) and I tend to spend one day sitting down and writing at least 7 pages or a chapter of the book.  Setting myself a writing goal and deadline I think will help to ensure I have this novel complete by June, which is my aim.  I hope to release the fourth book in the series in time for Christmas, too.

In the spirit of a blog hop, I’ll turn the focus to a few other writers.  They will have a post answering the above questions in the near future, but don’t let that stop you checking out their works now!

Elizabeth Ellen Carter is an Australian romance writer and novelist.  You can visit her website to find out about her books Moonstone Obsession, Warrior’s Surrender and Moonstone Conspiracy.

Natalie McNee is a freelance ghost writer and copywriter for the Christian market.  You can visit her website to find out about her works and faith.

Nicki Edwards is writing her debut novel Intensive Care.  You can visit her website to find out more!

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