Welcome to the Free Rein Series

Hi!  I am writing the Free Rein series with a focus on 8 – 12 year old readers and the view to teach them about horses and Christ.

You can find out about the author Christine Meunier, read the blurbs, find out about the book covers and their design, and make sure you’re up to speed on Australian terms that I use in the books!

If you’ve read and enjoyed books in the Free Rein series, please leave me a review over at Goodreads or Amazon!  If you have (constructive) criticism, I welcome this too, to improve the series.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Free Rein Series”

    1. Hi Manu!

      Thanks for your comment! Are you referring to the new television series Free Rein? This site and it’s books are completely different to the show, sorry! I am not sure where it was filmed 🙂


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